Bringelly Rd Upgrade

Bringelly Rd Upgrade

Roads and Maritime Services started construction of the Bringelly Road upgrade Stage 1 (between Camden Valley Way, Leppington and King Street, Rossmore) on 20 January this year.

Project background

The Bringelly Road Upgrade is part of the work being delivered through the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan. The Australian and NSW governments have jointly provided $3.6 billion funding for the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan to build roads to support the development of growth centres, employment and the proposed airport at Badgerys Creek.

As part of this 10 year road improvement program the governments have funded the $509 million upgrade of the 10 kilometre of Bringelly Road between Camden Valley Way and The Northern Road (Stage 1 and 2).

Bringelly Road will be upgraded from a two lane road to a six lane divided road with a central median between the eastern side of Upper Canal Bridge and the western side of the Eastwood Road intersection, through the future Leppington Town centre. The remainder of Bringelly Road will be upgraded from a two lane to a four lane divided road with a wide central median. The wide central median will allow for widening to six lanes, if required in the future.

The upgrade of Bringelly Road will be carried out in two stages:

Stage 1: 5.7km upgrade from Camden Valley Way to King Street

Stage 2: 4.3km upgrade from King Street to The Northern Road.

Features of Stage 1

The key features include:

Upgrading from a two to a six lane, divided road with a central median between the eastern and western sides of the Upper Canal Bridge and the western side of the Eastwood Road intersection through to the future Leppington Town Centre

80km/h speed limit

Three metre wide off-road shared pedestrian and cyclist path

Two metre wide shoulders

Adjustments to public utilities including gas, electricity and telephone services along the route

Bicycle and pedestrian crossing facilities at traffic lights

Bus priority capability at traffic lights and indented bus bays on both side of Bringelly Road

Designated turning lanes at traffic lights

Temporary U-turn facilities opposite traffic lights at the upgraded intersections of Eastwood Road and King Street

Existing properties on Bringelly Road will continue to have direct left in / left out access, at least until precinct development takes place

The existing noise wall on Cowpasture Road will be extended by about 240 metres eastbound along Camden Valley Way.

What happens next?

The contract for Stage 1 has been awarded to BMD Constructions Pty Ltd. Construction work started on 20 January this year and will be completed in 2017. Detailed design is being finalised for Stage 2 with construction work expected to start in late 2016 and be completed in late 2018. 

Source: Roads & Maritime Services

Bringelly Road Community Update

Bringelly Road Upgrade - Stage 2

King Street, Rossmore to The Northern Road, Bringelly

The detailed design for the second stage of the Bringelly Road upgrade was finalised and award of the construction contract was marked with sod turning event in June 2017.

This project is being built together with The Northern Road upgrade between Peter Brock Drive, Oran Park and Mersey Road, Bringelly.

Features of Stage 2

4.3 Kilometres of road

4.2 Kilometres of shared pedestrian and cyclist path

Four new intersections with traffic lights and upgrades to three existing intersections

New traffic lights at four existing intersections with designated right and left hand turning lanes

New twin bridges over South Creek.

Expected to open to traffic 2020.

Source: Roads & Maritime Services

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