Who is Grandland?

The word Grandland is of great significance and sentiment. The name was created based on the merging of two words, Grandfather & Land to make GRANDLAND . The location of the Grandland Real Estate in Edmondson Park is located on John Pierobon's (Principal & founder) Grandfather's land that he farmed since the 1960's. 

John is proud of his family farming heritage and is one of many who grew up in Edmondson Park and the surrounding Liverpool area with a very familiar story. John's grandfathers' who were both of Italian heritage came to Australia in the 1940's & 1950's respectively during the war. Like many of the European immigrants of that generation they came to this country with the clothes on their back and a bag in their hand to escape the war and poverty in Europe. The men often came alone, leaving their families behind in the hope of finding a better life in a foreign land. On arrival, many were held as prisoners of war in camps where they were consigned to years of physical labour prior to being released after the war.

Like many of the men and women of that generation John believes his Grandparents to be pioneers who worked night and day to provide a better future for their families and future generations. They paved the way and sacrificed all to deliver the privileged lifestyles that we all lead today to a greater or lesser degree.

John is a firm believer of the quote 

"You can't tell where you are going, unless you know where you have been" 

The name Grandland is testimony to John's Grandfather and testimony to our forefathers who we will never forget and will always aspire to emulate.