Western Sydney Airport

Shaping Western Sydney's Future Transport Network
Western Sydney's transport network will need to be progressively upgraded and expanded in order to meet the needs of the region's growing population and economy. An efficient and reliable transport network will also unlock the potential for a Western Sydney Airport to bring jobs, investment and opportunities to the region.

Transport infrastructure will be in place to service the proposed airport by the time the first plane takes off in the mid-2020s. By 2030, this transport network will meet the needs of:

  • an additional one million residents, making Western Sydney the fastest growing region in Australia;
  • businesses and specialist industries contributing to Australia's third-largest economy; and
  • approximately 10 million passengers per year and nearly 9,000 direct jobs at the proposed Western Sydney Airport.

Western Sydney will be well-served by its future transport network. This network will include an airport, rail and roads:

An airport would be a gateway to Western Sydney, offering domestic and international travel and business opportunities. Airport Plan and EIS will be finalised mid-2016. Finalisation will take account of submissions received.

Options for Western Sydney and the airport's rail needs are being assessed through the joint Australian and NSW government study, which will include community consultation. Planning for the proposed airport preserves space for future rail access.

Construction has already started on the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan's $3.6 billion package of major road upgrades. Planning and consultation of upcoming projects is still ongoing.

Western Sydney Airport Community Update Autumn PDF: Western Sydney Airport Community Update
Source: Australian Government, Department of Infrastructure & Regional Development

Source: http://westernsydneyairport.gov.au/